LBS Sloan Invitation now received, I’m in!!

It has taken a fair bit of time, and research, and effort, but I am very pleased to announce that my application onto the LBS Sloan MSc has been successful. I’ve been invited to join the class of 2019. 


I am extremely happy as you can imagine, not least because it means I can continue on my blog journey with you lovely readers. As is often the way in life, my admission onto the course was not straight forward; I was asked to write one additional written passage which was the deciding factor in LBS’ decision to accept me onto the course.

I firmly believe the decision would not have been a positive one unless I had put in the extra time to learn about the school, and the course, to perfect my written application, to prepare what I wanted to say and how to sell myself at the interview, and to spend time adding to my skill set with online learning and research. This however makes the result all the more sweet. You don’t want to be given something that you haven’t worked for now do you?

The close call also reaffirms just how diligent the admissions staff are and how selective they can be. This should mean that my fellow students starting 2019 will have also passed through a similarly vigilant selection process. It also goes someway to show that through hard work and application, and a little bit of luck, you can achieve things beyond your wildest dreams (OK, OK, I know I haven’t actually started the course yet – but it’s a start!).


So the next step for me is to go all in on the scholarship applications offered with the programme. I will post up anything interesting once I have applied. The first deadline is 30th May, so not long at all, followed by several towards end of July. Competition for these places will be even more fierce than for a place on the course, but I will apply myself in the best way I can, and, who knows?…

Thanks for reading my journey so far, I look forward to sharing my further adventures with you as they unfold in front of me. In the mean time, I will leave you with a short video clip that best summarises my feelings when I received my acceptance notification….




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